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Airfoil Add Air Fume Hood

Airfoil Add Air Fume HoodThe BMC Airfoil Add Air Fume Hood provides added economy through the use of a front mount "add air plenum " that can supply up to 70 percent of the total Hood air volume requirement from an outside source. The front mounted add air plenum of the Airfoil Add Air Fume Hood utilizes a series of diffusers and louvers to provide a uniform flow of supply air to the face of the Fume Hood. This uniform air flow allows for providing up to 70% of the overall air volume requirements of the Hood through the add air plenum.

Hood Features

  • Full view sash has laminated safety glass, full width flush pull, and counterweight for one finger operation.
  • Inward angled frame minimizes turbulence resulting in a more efficient operation.
  • Double wall construction of the hood superstructure allows for easy installation of service fixtures and routing of interior plumbing and electrical lines.
  • Removable exterior side panels and removable panels on both interior sides allow easy access to service fixtures and supply lines.
  • A maximum width, two tube fluorescent light fixture is mounted above a sealed safety glass panel.


  • Service fixtures
  • Water
  • Explosion proof light
  • Sinks
  • Electrical outlets
  • Air velocity monitors and alarms
  • Horizontal sliding sashes
  • Sash stops
  • Custom sizes
  • Pre-plumbing and wiring
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