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Demonstration Fume Hood

Demonstration Fume HoodThe BMC Demonstration Fume Hoods feature dual access sashes and offer a clear unobstructed view of the Hood interior.

Two independently operating sashes provide viewing and access from either side of the Demonstration Fume Hood. A fixed end window is also provided to increase the interior viewing.

Sashes are glazed with laminated safety glass and have a full width PVC pull for maximum chemical resistance. The Hood interior is lined with chemical resistant "Resin-Chem" and is illuminated with a vapor proof incandescent light fixture.

Hood Features

  • Full view sash has laminated safety glass, full width flush pull, and counterweight for one finger operation.
  • Inward angled frame minimizes turbulence resulting in a more efficient operation.
  • Double wall construction of the hood superstructure allows for easy installation of service fixtures and routing of interior plumbing and electrical lines.
  • Removable exterior side panels and removable panels on both interior sides allow easy access to service fixtures and supply lines.
  • A maximum width, two tube fluorescent light fixture is mounted above a sealed safety glass panel.


  • Service fixtures
  • Water
  • Explosion proof light
  • Sinks
  • Electrical outlets
  • Air velocity monitors and alarms
  • Horizontal sliding sashes
  • Sash stops
  • Custom sizes
  • Pre-plumbing and wiring
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