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Thin Wall Fume Hood

Thin Wall Fume HoodThe BMC Thin Wall Fume Hood provides an excellent low cost means of exhausting high heat loads and non-hazardous fumes. The Thin Wall design allows for maximum interior work area and is well suited for installation on any counter of 30" depth.

The exterior of the Thin Wall Fume Hood is 18 gage steel with an epoxy powder coat finish, front posts are stainless steel with a #4 finish. These components are attached to a heavy gage internal framework. This framework is welded and bolted together to provide a ridged durable structure for the Thin Wall Hood.

The interior of the Hood is lined with Minerit, a chemical resistant gray composition stone material. The liner is attached to the internal framework with the use of non-metallic fasteners. A lintel, of the same material, restricts the air intake of the Hood to the sash opening. This restriction allows you to vary the face velocity of the Thin Wall Fume Hood by changing the sash position. An interior baffle system, also constructed of minerit, maintains a uniform face velocity across the entire opening of the sash. The upper portion of the baffle is adjustable to compensate for high heat loads or light fumes.

The full view sash of the Thin Wall Hood is framed with a chemical resistant black PVC. It is glazed with 7/32" thick laminated safety glass and has a single counterweight for easy up/down operations. The interior of the Thin Wall Fume Hood is brightly lit by a vapor proof incandescent light fixture, bulb included. A single light fixture is provided in 48", 60" and 72" models and two fixtures are provided in the other models. Replacement of the incandescent bulbs is accomplished from the interior of the Hood. Switches, outlets, and remote valves must be located on the front panel of the Fume Hood base cabinet.


  • Service fixtures
  • Water
  • Explosion proof light
  • Sinks
  • Electrical outlets
  • Air velocity monitors and alarms
  • Horizontal sliding sashes
  • Sash stops
  • Custom sizes
  • Pre-plumbing and wiring
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